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A Technological Breakthrough in the Treatment of Low Back and Neck Pain is Now Available Right Here in Toronto.

TORONTO, June 11 /CNW/ – Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre is excited to bring the Antalgic-Trak, the world’s first multi-directional spinal decompression therapy, to Toronto.

Antalgic-Trak is an advanced form of non-surgical spinal decompression that has been combined with passive range-of-motion (ROM) therapy. It was created by clinical experts and robotic engineers. It is changing the way doctors and therapists treat the spine.

Many people across North America have found relief with this gentle and relaxing treatment for the pain associated with degenerative joint disease, herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, “pinched” nerves, and other spinal afflictions. Doctors and therapists have embraced this new and improved technology and hail its creation as one of the most dramatic improvements in non-surgical spinal therapy ever. The sophisticated state-of-the-art, articulating features have changed everything. It makes every other system seem obsolete!

“Over 80% of the population will experience neck or low back pain at some time. Some do not respond to other therapies and may be headed for surgery,” said Dr. Arnie Deltoff, clinic director, Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre. “The Antalgic-Trak, the world’s only spinal decompression chair, provides a unique multi-directional,  ange-of-motion protocol.”

The Antalgic-Trak Decompression Chair is a revolutionary new technology, to apply safe and comfortable decompression to your spine. How does spinal decompression therapy differ from standard traction? When spinal joints are irritated, the postural muscles around the spine react by going into spasm to guard against further injury. Typically, when traction is applied to those joints, the body’s normal reaction is to pull away in the opposite direction. Welcome Back’s spinal decompression technology contains a sensitive computer feedback mechanism to overcome this phenomenon. With precise, computer-controlled tension, the appropriate disc levels are gently and painlessly distracted, creating a negative pressure within the disc. This facilitates an important physiological process known as imbibition: the transfer of fluids, nutrients and oxygen back into the disc, increasing vital circulation. Over time, this helps to increase the disc height, promote the retraction of bulging/herniated discs and relieve pressure on the nerves causing the pain.

A typical course of management consists of 20-30 45-minute spinal decompression sessions. Dr. Deltoff invites everyone to come and experience
this revolutionary treatment at no charge and with no obligation. After a complimentary consultation determines your suitability for therapy, you will
then receive your free 15 minute trial session.

About the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre
The clinic’s founder and clinical director, Dr. Arnie Deltoff, has been providing spinal care to the GTA since 1990. Dr. Marshall Deltoff, radiologist, provides special expertise in diagnostic imaging with over 25 years of academic and clinical experience. The team is proud to be the first to bring the Antalgic-Trak Decompression Chair treatment option to Toronto.

For further information: Clinic Contact: Drs. Arnie or Marshall Deltoff, 16 York Mills Road, Suite 207, Toronto, ON, M2P 2E5, Phone:  (416) 512-2225  , Fax: (416) 512-2226,

Media Contact: Howard Oliver, What If What Next – Web2.0 PR, 416-568-5254 ,


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